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Hi there! My name is Hodaya Amrani

A creative designer and problem solver, I have a passion for crafting thoughtful designs. In recent years, I've been honing my skills as a UX designer in the Bank Hapoalim studio, where I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and collaborate with satisfied clients.

I solidified my passion for user experience when I read Tal Florentin's book "The UX Design" before enrolling in Netcraft's course to see if I really liked the user experience world like I thought I would - and I did! It's been an ongoing journey since, where I consistently upskill and work with happy customers on a range of projects.

I appreciate both getting into a routine and making things work like clockwork as well as seeking the different, unique, and exciting.

You'll find me in my zone of genius when I get work with purpose, keep my mind open to generating and working with new ideas, and take ownership of what I do. Seeing an idea come to life and make an impact on others fulfills me, especially alongside a driven team.

Outside of work you can find me in a Studio C class, growing my herb garden, and learning about history (you will see this if you ever get into my Netflix account, promise).



I graduated with B.A. in communication with Honors from Bar-Ilan University and completed a UX Certificate from Netcraft Academy. I keep learning to evolve my skillset - a full list of my education is available on my CV.

Get in touch

Enough about me, now it's about you! I'm always happy to chat - feel free to email or call - either work so whatever's best for you (it's all about user experience, no?) :)


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