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Personal project 

BookStore allows your enthusiastic, book reading self, to find your favorite book (and many more) in a convenient way. Be it through a bookstore, user recommendations of our readers' community, or if you will; BookStore can also fit a book to your personal preferences. You will always have a book available.

My role in this project

Research, UX Design, Interaction Design, 


So, how do I create a digital bookstore app that will attract those who find the eBook as characterless?

Many book lovers find it difficult to connect to the eBook world. Some claiming it's a custom and other saying the eBook lacks authentic.


The book lovers are seeking people whom they can share their believes about books and find recommendations for the next one. 

An online survey, as well as observations of online groups of book lovers were conducted in order to understand patterns of consumption, reading and preferences.

Finding 1 -  Factors for choosing a book

Through this research I have found that there are a number of factors by which a user will choose to read a book:

  • the genre of the book

  • recommendations of peers

  • the author

  • the book cover design

Finding 3 - Community

Since I cannot change the contents of a book, I have decided to focus on the aspect of "recommendations by peers".

Through the researching process I have found that:

  • Users (mostly women) like to share their reading experience in public.

  •  The more the users are basing their book choices on peer recommendations, the more they tend to share their own recommendations (two-way social consumption).

Finding 2 -  It can happen anywhere and anytime

The reading can be done anywhere and anytime; at home, in line at the pharmacy, in the garden, while on holiday, during the day or at night.

Finding 4 - Keep the purchase experience sample

Many eBook stores email the book after purchase, or connects to Kindle via email address. Users fear that a technical glitch will prevent the book's file from reaching its destination after purchase.



Conservative, David dosen't read eBooks at all. He will always take a printed book with him, even for a drive or holiday.


He finds the digital reading to be cold


Digitizing makes it feel like there is "something" between him and the book


" I belong to a generation of old times"

"To experiment with something new, I need the old one to go wrong or have problems with it".

"Because I'm used to a printed page and I'm comfortable with it, and I don't want to change".



She reads digitally but still prefers printed books.

You will find her reading a digital one when there is no printed book near her.


She likes experiencing the authenticity, and the sensations of touch and smell. But eBook's better than no book.


It's hard for Natali to lose her printed book reading habit.


"I Read on both platforms, but only buys digital".

"Still, there's nothing like holding a printed book.".

"The eBook availables at any given moment".

main- store- romance category.png
explore with results.png
עמוד מוצר.png
my library - All Books.png
Mid-fidelity Wireframes

I understood that there is a "wall" to be broken between the users and digitization by empowering the sense of community and customization, while keeping the purchase experience simple and easy. this, in order to create a sense of belonging.

Design principles for guiding product decisions
Sense of community
The participants were found to be drawn to places where they can share their thoughts and find recommendations 
"I like to pick the bookmark and organize my books into collections"
"Something pleasant, easy, available and enable to flip back and forth"
"I fear something technological might get wrong while purchasing eBook"
Sharing community- Book Club
A whole feed dedicated to books

Posting and finding thoughts or book reviews with a direct link to the book's product screen at the in-store.

With BookStore you no longer have to search for the book after reading an exciting review . Now your book is a "button push" away.
Group 1123.png
Discover Page
Smart suggestions based on user preference and browsing history
The user can choose a book from a list of suggested books that has been personalized via browsing history a short questionnaire at the Onboarding stage.
The questions were chosen following the observations made by the book-loving online groups.
Prevention of the purchase flow interruption
Reducing screens from the 'purchase flow' by using expanded view for the Shopping Cart.
When nothing is in the cart, top shown. when there are items in the cart but the user can see just item count and price, and an expanded view where the user pulls your cart up and see all the items in it.
An icon that reminds the user that the item is already in his or her Library
The expanded view pulled up 
The user can view the item details, control quantity and set an item as a gift . Finally, if the user changed his or her main it's able to delete the item through a swipe.
Product screen
The product screen displays the most necessary information. Esay to see product image and details, reviews from the app community , a price and an Add to Cart button. 
Suggestions for more books based on 'the author' factor from the research, finding 1
The book reviews are taken from recommendations published in the community
עמוד מוצר – light mode.png
Send as a Gift button
Sticky 'Add to Card' button
 Your Library
The home of the purchased books. Here you can choose one display out of two:
Personalize your shelf​
my library - Collections.png
The user can arrange the purchased books into collections and select an image for each collection from a selection of illustrative images.
The user can also share collections with other community members.
Keep it organized and clean
A quick and clean disaplay of the user's purchased books, while providing a clear separation of the books being currently read, to the others.
Smart reading
Customized arrangement to provide a comfortable reading experience.
From a book-looking display to an endless scroll display; Font and size change; Bookmark design; Light mode-Yellow mode- Dark mode. 
No internet connection is needed
reading – black.png
reading white.png
reading -.png
reading- white - Animation.png
Auto-Night mode
It is now possible to read a book in the Moonlight outside or in bed without disturbing your partner. It automatically switches (but not only) to white-on-black text for an easier reading experience in the dark.

Thank you for watching!

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